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In June 1998 I had the idea of ​​creating a website on politics and political science, which would be a reference tool for citizens who wanted to know a little more about the subject. With great enthusiasm and little computer knowledge, I conceptualized and developed the content of Politikaperu with a series of articles mainly of my authorship.

Thus, in October 1999, the first version in Geocities went live through a free server. The number of subscriptions and the amount of references there are to the site make me notice that Politikaperu had become a source of consultation for Peruvian and foreign Internet users, so I was encouraged to take the next step: Have a domain own.

Simultaneously, I was collecting various material on social sciences in general and political science in particular, which I had in a database on my personal PC. I put that material that contains books, essays, articles, videos and more on the Blog, thus the links, books and videos section was born.

Between October and December 2006, I started working on the new design and content of Politikaperu, which since February 2007 was available to all Internet users. Then I incorporated some improvements in both the design and the content, not as quickly as I would have liked.

In 2016 I switched to WordPress as a content manager, a fact that led me to transfer all the published content, and then continue publishing information more quickly, safely and above all, with a better design for visitors, since it can now be used the blog on any type of device.

In short, Politikaperu is my site on the Internet, where I publish my articles and comments on politics, political science and other types, as well as surveys, videos, selected readings, e-books and music.

I want to highlight that the blog does not directly or indirectly receive any funding from the Peruvian government or any other government, as well as from any organization. It is financed with my own resources and with ADSENSE advertising.

Carlos Fernando Castañeda Castro

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