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Psychic spies from China, Try to steal your mind’s elation, Little girls from Sweden, Dream of silver screen quotation, And if you want these kind of dreams, It’s Californication.

The Man Who Sold The World We passed upon the stair,we spoke of was and when, Although I wasn’t there,he said I was his friend, Which came as some surprise I spoke into his eyes, I thought you died alone,a long long time ago.

Pressure pushing down on me, Pressing down on you no man ask for under pressure. That burns a building down, splits a family in two

Should I fall out of love, my fire in the light? To chase a feather in the wind.Within the glow that weaves a cloak of delight. There moves a thread that has no end. For many hours and days that…
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Every time that I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face getting clearer,the past is gone. It went by like dusk to dawn , isn’t that the way, everybody’s got their dues in life to pay.

Party rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time, and we gonna make you lose your mind, everybody just have a good time. We just wanna see yaa! Shake That! In the club party rock look up…
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Mi vida fuimos a volar, con un solo paracaídas, uno sólo va a quedar, volando a la deriva, vivir así no es vivir, esperando y esperando, porque vivir es jugar y yo quiero seguir jugando… quiero vivir dos veces, para…
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I love you, but I got to stay true, my moral’s got me on my knees, I’m begging please stop. playing games…

Si no hay solución, la huelga continua, si no hay solución, la huelga continua, si no hay solución, la huelga continua,
si no hay solución. Una canción que nos hace recordar la historia de sangre que vivió el Perú con mucha ironía y rock.