Right down the line

You know i need your love, you’ve got that hold over me, long as i’ve got your love, you know that i’ll never leave, when i wanted you to share my life, i had no doubt in my mind, and it’s been you woman, right down the line.

I know how much i lean on you, only you can see, the changes that i’ve been through, have left a mark on me, you’ve been as constant as a northern star, the brightest light that shines, it’s been you, woman right down the line.

I just wanna say this is my way, of tellin’ you everything i could never say before, yeah this is my way of tellin’ you, that every day i’m lovin’ you so much more, ‘cause you believed in me through my darkest night, put somethin’ better inside of me, you brought me into the light, threw away all those crazy dreams i put them all behind and it was you woman, right down the line.

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