Print the same document twice with MS Word

The situation is that in an office approximately between 15 and 30 documents are prepared that, because they are legal in nature, must go through at least the following stages: drafting, review, validation, printing and physical signature by the responsible persons.

However, these documents have the particularity that the date must be placed after the physical signature, which means reprinting the date on the printed document containing the signatures previously collected.

To solve this special situation, it was decided to preserve an old electronic typewriter that until now allows the aforementioned documents to be dated.

Given that at some point this electronic typewriter will stop working since it has no spare parts and fewer and fewer specialized personnel who can repair it, a solution was sought for this situation.

The best solution is that at the time of signing the document, those involved are summoned to simultaneously stamp their signatures or, failing that, introduce the electronic signature as the best option.

But, the best solution is not always the one that can be implemented. In this sense, the proposed solution, at that time, was not viable, since the process of first signing the documents and then dating them had to continue without continuing to use the electronic typewriter.

The solution turned out to be simpler than thought and the best, using the MS Word word processor again, dispensing with the old electronic typewriter and maintaining the stages described above.

The document is written incorporating the corresponding paragraph where the date will be recorded.
The first part of the trick is to make the font “white” in the paragraph where the date text goes and then proceed to printing and subsequent signatures.

After that, the document is reopened in MS Word, and the text with the date that is “white” is changed from color to black and the rest of the text is placed in “white” and finally print the sheet containing the signatures and the date of the document.

The result of printing is that only the paragraph containing the date is printed, which is now black, and the rest of the white text is not printed.

In this way, the expected result is achieved, that is, the electronic typewriter is dispensed with, the pre-existing procedure is maintained and the document is printed maintaining the same typography and presentation of the document.

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